Do Architects Need To Be Involved During Construction? (A Word About Service)

[Editor’s note: We had this statement on our “Service” page; we’ve redesigned that to be less “wordy”, but we did want to retain its sentiment on the site.]

We believe that the quality of service provided by an architect helps to define the quality of an Owner’s experience throughout the life of a project. We’ve been fortunate to have been involved in projects which are defined by wonderful and sublime design. But underpinning that design, and insuring that the overall project experience was (on most days!) a smooth one, was a well-defined and executed plan for serving the project on a daily basis. A smooth-running project is important not only for inspiring confidence in both the owner and the project team, but also because it allows the Owner and the project team to continue to refine and develop the project beyond the construction documents phase of the work. Once construction begins, time not spent trying to figure out where ductwork needs to go can be spent refining the design of fireplaces, carefully considering finish materials, and the myriad other “front and center” aspects of the design that will be enjoyed by the Owner for years to come. Well after working drawings are done, there are new design opportunities to consider as a project is constructed; a well-run project environment creates the space necessary to evaluate and act upon those opportunities, helping to further ensure a great outcome.