Can An Architect Appreciate Project Runway?

Can An Architect Appreciate Project Runway? Outside of my immediate family (who are also fans), my interest in (and enjoyment of) Project Runway isn't something I talk about much, but I thought it might make for an interesting blog post. I started watching midway through the eighth season of the show, which has just started its sixteenth season on Lifetime. My wife and daughter had started watching the show together a few years prior; I’d generally be practicing guitar in my office, occasionally traversing the family room to get a cup of coffee. I soon realized that, with increasing frequency, I was stopping to watch for a few minutes here and there, especially towards the end of the show. Now, the more cynical among you might be tempted to be a bit suspicious of my motives, but allow me to explain a bit further . . . Much of the first half of each ... Read more